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Image of the Month:  Irish Peatlands by Aidan Butler (Photo – facebook)

10th May 2015

Yes, I know, it’s a great shame, but nothing much is happening on this site for the time being, and many of the pictures are disappearing. I hope this will change soon!

Query (reposted and rephrased): Can anyone tell us the name of the powerful Irish film made in the 1970s / 1980s involving a simple-minded girl in an C18th / C19th rural family who becomes enchanted / by the wild and wonderful fiddle music played by one of the Straw Boys at her sister’s wedding party and grows increasingly orgiastic, with a goat-headed pagan deity / devil presiding?

Our Easter 2012 Query, seeking identification of these “abandoned college ruins on the Ballyman Road near Bray” (below), received a suggestion that the site could be Jubilee Hall, until recently occupied by the Elian Spanish School. Can any other reader confirm / add to this information?

(Photo by Simon Mortimer)


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Previous Image of the Month: The drawing room at Rossana, Co. Wicklow,  home of the Tighe family;  originally built around 1742 by William Tighe but extended later in the century when wings were added; these were later demolished and the panelling taken to the USA. Picture painted by Maria Spilsbury Taylor (1777-1823) an English artist who moved to Ireland after marrying an Anglican clergyman. (Photo –, a most intriguing and informative website.)

3rd February 2015

Belated New Year’s wishes to all our visitors. Bitter experience has taught us to make no promises we may not be able to keep, but it is hoped to develop this site considerably over the next few months. Volunteer assistants welcome!

Previous Image of the MonthHa’penny bridge (1816), Dublin (Photo – – “The Next Generation in Gay Travel”) (Kept for 4 months by popular demand)

31st December 2014

Alas, the Curse of Easkey continues to exert its baleful influence, but major new developments are anticipated in 2015!

Previous Image of the Month: Corncrake, Tory Island, Donegal, June 2004 (Photo –, an excellent ornithology guide)

20th September 2014

This writer’s most memorable summer holiday moments occurred on a trip to Co. Mayo (Knock AirportClaremorris and Ballindine),  Co.Galway (DunmoreGlenamaddy, Kilkerrin and Tuam to see its two interesting historic Cathedrals – the very informative CoI verger told me I was the first person to sign the Visitor’s Book since April, and introduced me to the charming organist – plus Galway City itself – including two days at the famous Galway Races and a superb meal in a restaurant called Kia), and Co. Clare (Scarriff, FeakleEnnis and Lahinch), plus a top class family dinner at Fallon & Byrne’s on Dublin‘s Exchequer St and an idyllic old-style Sunday lunch with friends in Hunter’s Hotel, Rathnew (Co. Wicklow).

Developments anticipated at the start of the summer have not yet materialised, and no work has taken place on this website or months. Despite this, viewer figures are up, and plans are now afoot for some major technical improvements in the near future. We are also pleased to announce a new volunteer contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, but whose presence on” the team” permits re-use of the first person plural pronoun!

Previous Image of the Month: Spring Scene in Barna Woods, Galway. (c)

6th May 2014

The Curse of Easkey on this website has taken several forms so far since work recommenced in January; first, a paralysis on progress made  on ByRoute 1 as far as  Tiraragh and Easkey (Co. Sligo); second, major computer issues at home, and finally serious bandwith problems preventing access to the site, probably due to massive uploading of material by one or more unauthorised persons; PLEASE DESIST! 

Previus Image of the MonthKillala Bay, Co Sligo, Ireland Sunset (Photo by Gareth McCormack, prints purchasable from

28th February 2014

Pathetically little progress made since recommencing work last month; specifically, apart from a few running repairs and minor improvements to various pages, ByRoute 1 has advanced from the western side of Killala Bay, the River Moy Estuary and Ballina (Co. Mayo) to Tiraragh and Easkey (Co. Sligo), a distance of less than 20km. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed researching this interesting corner of Connnacht, and that is enough to justify this hobby website!

Previous Image of the Month: Blackrock, Co. Louth (Photo – Ireland of a Thousand Welcomes)

8th January 2014

Best wishes to all visitors to this website  for a happy and prosperous 2014. The Image above was chosen to reflect the destructive power of the elements much of Ireland and its neighbour had to contend with over the festive period. Work on the current and additional pages will resume shortly.

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